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Manchester Labour Students chair sacked for saying he would ‘slap’ his child if they backed gay rights

May 10, 2017
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A high-ranking Labour students leader has been exposed posting vile homophobic rants.

It comes after the woman who introduced Jeremy Corbyn at his election launch was exposed for posting shocking racist rants about the “n****r race”.

Tayyib Nawaz, the recently-elected co-chair of one of Labour’s biggest university clubs, Manchester Labour Students, posted his bigotted rants on Twitter.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Across a whole series of posts, Nawaz insulted Jewish people, gay people and feminists, according to student paper The Mancunion.

He has now been forced to resign after the rest of the Labour committee unanimously voted for a motion of no-confidence in him.

Warning: very offensive content below.

In one post, Nawaz wrote: “Muslim feminism supporters? Muslim Gay rights activists? If my kids were any of these I’d slap them […]”.

In another tweet, posted on 24 July 2015, he uses a homophobic slur, posting online: “When you spell Gay wrong but your phone auto corrects it to Fag”.

Tweet image

In a tweet in April 2016, Nawaz wrote shocking anti-semitic remarks, saying: “the same victims of the Holocaust are now murdering and ethnically cleansing Palestinians… The irony”.

At other times he makes comparisons between the Israeli state and the Nazis, writing: “there were approximately 150,000 Jewish SS who personally were involved in the holocaust” and “Hitler was Jewish himself”.

In April 2015 he seemed to make light of the Holocaust, tweeting: “Debating with an Israeli *Uses the Holocaust card* Automatic victory”.

In another he appears to compare the state of Israel to ISIS, saying: “ISIS is not a democratic organisation like Israel but both murder civilians and claim their authority is from God”.



One post reads: “Zionism is scum, even Einstein was against the Zionist terrorism which pressured the creation of Israel”.

Zak Deakin, outgoing co-chair of the group, spoke to The Mancunion before Nawaz’s resignation, saying: “The tweets that have surfaced in the last few days are completely abhorrent.

“Tayyib’s views have no place in the Labour Party and the fact that they came from an individual who holds an elected role within our movement makes it even more sickening.

“I stood on a platform of tackling anti-semitism and so I’m incredibly dismayed and frustrated that I once again find myself having to make a statement in regards to this blatant racism: I can only apologise to Jewish students who have again had to be put through this.”

It comes just a day after Bethany Barker, a former chair of Nottingham University’s Labour Students club, was exposed posting homophobic, racist and anti-Semitic tweets up until 2014.

In a string of shocking posts – which she now apologises for – the university student referred to the “n****r race”, described a skull cap as a “Jew cap” and referred to another Twitter user as a “fagot”, according to the Telegraph.

In response to a tweet about the jewellery firm Pandora knowing “your mood”, the political activist tweeted: “it’s a jewellery company you f***ing fagot it will never know your mood”.

The activist was forced to resign from her role and was condemned by her university Labour club.

Labour isn’t the only party to have scandals since the snap general election was called for June 8.

The Conservative MP for the Isle of Wight was forced to step down after telling school student it is “wrong” to be gay.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron also agonised over a question of whether gay sex is a sin, before eventually revealing his view to the BBC, two years after first being asked.

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