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Teachers bombarded with letters saying gays can ‘go straight’ in vile anti-LGBT abuse

Joseph McCormick April 28, 2017
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Teachers union the National Union of Teachers (NUT) has been hit with a barrage of anti-LGBT abuse since announcing pro-LGBT policies.

The NUT has faced abuse by email as well as in hand-written and posted letters including text saying that gays can “go straight”, and claiming that “ex-gay’ or gay ‘cure’ therapy is compatible with the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

It comes after the members of the NUT called for children to be taught “age-appropriate” content on LGBT matters earlier this year.

Letter sent to the NUT

One letter, not signed by name, quotes the Daily Mail and the Bible in suggesting that young people are being “led astray” by a “transgender agenda” being pushed by “activists”.

Another claims that it is not “moved by personal hatred against any individual”, but goes on to describe homosexuality as a “sin” and a “weakness”.

It goes on to say that they will “take a principled stand” by praying “for the judges, legislators and government officials” who push for same-sex marriage.

Some of the correspondence came from as far afield as the US state of Virginia.

An email sent to Annette Pryce – the NUT’s LGBT+ executive member, asks: “Tired of being gay? You can go straight!”

It adds instructions to “Learn the real science about the nature, causes, prevention, and treatment of homosexuality and transgenderism (no prayer needed!)”

Claiming: “Ex-gay therapy is compatible with the decriminalization of homosexuality and the humane treatment of everyone.”

As well as the abusive messages suggesting being LGBT+ can be “cured”, a petition signed by nearly 13,000 people has also been sent to the NUT.

Other pieces of correspondence included titles like ‘health hazards for homosexuality’, and ‘the advance of the transgender agenda’.

Christian Concern has also published responses to the motion saying it is “yet another example of adults pursuing a political agenda at the expense of vulnerable children – it’s shocking and immoral.”

Teachers bombarded with letters saying gays can ‘go straight’ in vile anti-LGBT abuse

But the NUT’s LGBT+ conference is set to take place this weekend with more than a hundred teachers in attendance.

Trans Teachers, many of whom are asked to leave after transitioning during school holidays have been provided for with the first Trans Teachers Network in England and Wales by the NUT.

Commenting on the formation of the Trans Teachers Network, LGBT+ Executive member for the NUT, Annette Pryce, told PinkNews: “When trans teacher after trans teacher tells you that they are asked to not come back after transitioning – asked to leave by their head teachers – you know there is something you’ve got to do challenge this. That’s why we’ve launched a network specifically for Trans Teachers so support and empowerment can be found and change can be won”.

The NUT’s members called for more comprehensive “age-appropriate” education on LGBT+ issues after the Government announced that all children from the age of four will be taught about safe and healthy relationships, while sex education will become compulsory for all secondary school pupils.

A video from an NUT LGBT+ networking event in London is available to view below:

NUT LGBT+ Teachers London social from Benjamin Cohen on Vimeo.

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