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Daily Mail’s top gay says he’s ‘not easily shocked’ as he is given a massive fright (VIDEO)

Joseph McCormick April 21, 2017
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A top gay at the Daily Mail has been caught out saying he is “not easily shocked”, just as a television host jumps out and gives him a fright.

Andrew Pierce of the Daily Mail appeared on Sam Delaney’s News Thing on RT.

Asked whether he was surprised by Theresa May’s announcement that she would call for a snap election earlier this week, he began saying he is “not easily shocked…” by many things.

Andrew Pierce of the Daily Mail appearing on the Same Delaney News Thing show

But Delaney jumps out shocking Pierce who says he has a “dicky heart”, and that it is “more dicky now”.

Check out the moment below:

Pierce earlier this year penned a column for the Mail attacking the rights of trans people following a report about skirt-wearing in the RAF.

The newspaper launched the vitriolic attack on trans people after a story in the Sun which claimed the RAF had “banned” women from wearing skirts as part of a “transgender review”.

Although the RAF insisted “no decisions have been made to make any changes”, and the entire story was attributed to a single anonymous tabloid source, Pierce seized on the news to brand trans people “gender fascists”.

Back in 2013, Pierce said his opposition to equal marriage meant he was denounced by his critics as a “homophobe and Uncle Tom”.

Mr Pierce says that for speaking out against the reform in the past, he has been attacked in a derogatory fashion, despite a long history of championing gay rights and being a supporter of Stonewall.

“We’ve got marriage, it’s called a civil partnership and I rejoice in the fact that people like me who are different from straight people can do something they can’t. I relish that.”

wedding rings

Writing for the Mail in June 2012, Mr Pierce criticised Prime Minister David Cameron for pressing ahead with equal marriage and stated: “Well, Mr Cameron, I am a Conservative and a homosexual, and I oppose gay marriage. Am I a bigot?”

In December 2010, Mr Pierce strongly criticised the decision of Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish to have their first surrogate baby, despite the columnist being adopted himself.

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