Melissa McCarthy returned to SNL as Sean Spicer in a Easter Bunny costume

Meka Beresford April 16, 2017
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Melissa McCarthy has returned once again to SNL in her best role yet, the Easter bunny Sean Spicer.

It is the third return of McCarthy as the character after she debuted in February and quickly became immensely popular.

Melissa McCarthy returned to SNL as Sean Spicer in a Easter Bunny costume

Although McCarthy is due to host Saturday Night Live within the next month, she has preemptively appeared on the comedy show in a sketch that was aired live from Los Angeles.

Spicer’s return comes at the perfect time after mishaps from the real Press Secretary this week such as saying Bashar al-Assad wasn’t as bad as Hitler, because Hitler didn’t use gas… yeah, face palm.

Dressed as the Easter Bunny, Spicer appears in front of the press stand and calls for everyone to “shut up” in his typically charming manner.

“You all got your wish this week,” Spicer grimaced. “Spicey finally made a mistake”.

“I said at least hitler never used chemical weapons and everyone was like ‘boohoo what about the chemical centres’.

“I know they’re not really called that, I’m aware, duh. I clearly meant to say concentration clubs ok? let it drop?”

Spicer goes on to say that he was “sensitive” to the fact that they were sent to these ‘concentration clubs’ on trains, but “at least they weren’t on united”.

“It would be really great if the nit pickers could focus on the big picture and not focus on every little slur and lie i say. That’d be nice.”

Melissa McCarthy returned to SNL as Sean Spicer in a Easter Bunny costume

Spicer goes on to say that he was “sorry” the incident occurred on Passover, or “Jewish Easter” as he branded it.

The Press Secretary decides to rectify his mistakes that he would “shed some light” on Passover in the spirit of “cultural unity”, and it’s really quite something.

A recurring theme in the SNL episodes that McCarthy appears in has been the use of props to explain things to the press pool.

In order to explain Passover he uses the “bad hombre” Pharaoh and another puppet who is meant to symbolise jews in what is potentially the least accurate and most unhelpful retelling ever heard.

Spicer explained that the Pharaoh ordered Jewish people to “start making pyramids and stuff” and the Jewish people were like “see ya Pharaoh wouldn’t want to be ya” and literally made the Jewish puppet pass over the other one.

At the end of the hilarious sketch, McCarthy as Spicer lists the top bad guys to show his newly found understanding of genocidal dictators.

“Boom right at the top Hitler. Then Syria’s Bashar al-Assad (which is pronounced entirely wrong, in trust Spicer fashion) and then Pharaohs.”

Spicer leaves the press podium jumping into a mobile egg with the leaving message that the President would “probably bomb North Korea tonight” so everybody should “eat as much candy as you want because it’s probably going to be the last Easter on earth.”

SNL has had a brilliant political revival with the help of McCarthy playing Spicer, as well as guest Alec Baldwin appearing as Trump.

Kate McKinnon has also done brilliant impressions of Hillary Clinton at the presidential debates, Kellyanne ‘couch legs’ Conway and the Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

You can watch the brilliant sketch here:

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