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Remember that time Sean Spicer was the Easter bunny? Jimmy Kimmel does (WATCH)

April 13, 2017
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Did you know Sean Spicer was once the Easter bunny at a White House Easter Egg Roll?

Well this isn’t fake news – it’s 100%, weirdly true.

The US press secretary donned the full rabbit attire, complete with floppy ears, during the annual White House Easter Egg Roll in 2008.

In 2008, the final year of George W. Bush’s presidency, Spicer was the assistant US trade representative for media and public affairs.

He enjoyed playing the bunny so much, he apparently came back and donned the costume for a second year, under President Obama.

He previously took to Twitter over his fond memories of the costume, writing: “The good ole days – what I would give to hide in a bunny costume again.”

Spicer is now better known for forgetting Adolf Hitler used chemical weapons and being brilliantly impersonated on SNL.

One person who does recall Spicer’s bunny days is Jimmy Kimmel.

The late night talk show host used his opening monologue to mock the White House press secretary – offering the unimaginably bizarre vision of Sean Spicer, as the Easter bunny, apologising for his Hitler comments.

Whether Spicer will see the joy of another White House Easter Egg Roll is currently unclear.

This year’s Egg Roll is in turmoil, after the First Lady apparently forgot to arrange the event, which has been a tradition for 138 years.

It’s usually the biggest event of the year at the White House, with almost 40,000 people attending.

The First Lady has been responsible for arranging the event since 1878, but as Melania Trump has not yet appointed her staff, and lives 200 miles away in New York, it’s probably little surprise the event hasn’t been properly arranged.

Plus, it must have taken a lot of time to sue the publisher of the Daily Mail over claims around her modelling career.

Remember that time Sean Spicer was the Easter bunny? Jimmy Kimmel does (WATCH)

The New York Times reports that the event is being “quickly thrown-together”, with the hope of attracting 20,000 people, around half the usual attendance.

The White House usually orders vast amounts of wooden eggs from Wells Wood Turning, which are then handed out to guests and sold as souvenirs.

This year, however, they failed to put the order in on time, and so there are no eggs from the company.

That is despite the company reaching out to the Trumps on social media two months ago, warning the family that they were about to miss the deadline for the eggs to be made in time.

Local school children have also not been invited, with a spokesperson for the schools in Washington D.C. saying they haven’t received any invites, despite usually getting around 4,000 tickets for kids.

And members of Congress have not been sent tickets for their constituents, as is customary.

No celebrity entertainers have been booked, either, much like the inauguration.

Despite this, the White House claim it will be the greatest Easter Egg Roll ever.

If the president can’t make the event, then he could always spend it reversing his repeal of trans students rights to use the bathroom they identify with.

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