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This heartwarming gay army prom photo that has gone viral will brighten your day

Josh Jackman April 4, 2017

A heartwarming photo of a YouTube star and his soldier boyfriend posing for an Army prom has gone viral.

Max Emerson, an underwear model and vlogger with more than 100,000 subscribers, posted the photo on Sunday, which saw him capture the classic prom pose with his partner Andrés Camilo.

The soldier in the National Guard – who also works as a consultant in New York City – is shown wrapping his arms around Emerson.

The caption reads: “Hello from gay army prom.”

It has since received more than 34,000 likes, and hundreds of positive comments.

“You guys are SO cute together. Lots of happiness and good things to both,” one user wrote, while another said: “Omg you look hot, sexy and incredibly cute together and Sooo in love”.

“Such a divine and happy photo- in every way” was another fan’s summary.

Apart from his modelling photos and other revealing selfies, Emerson is well-known for a popular video called “Meet My Boyfriend!”, which he posted in June.

The video shows him introducing Camilo, who says that with the video, he was “coming out to the military.”

Emerson’s prom photo was a ray of sunshine in a troubling period for LGBT people in the US.

Over the past week, LGBT people were have been “erased” from the national US census and North Carolina has banned local authorities from outlawing anti-LGBT discrimination.

Trump has also revoked part of Obama’s discrimination protections for LGBT workers, less than two months after directly promising he wouldn’t do this.

And now the president is replacing Obama’s Army Secretary, Eric Fanning – the first openly gay person to hold the position – with Mark Green, a homophobic state senator who sponsored Tennessee’s anti-LGBT bill.

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