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This trans man sang a beautiful duet with himself before and after starting treatment

Meka Beresford March 18, 2017
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Charlie Peck

(Photo by Charlie Peck/YouTube)

A transgender man from Sweden has created a beautiful tribute to the trans community.

Charlie Peck put together the cover of “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and put his own unique twist on the song.

Peck recorded a duet with himself with one vocal track being recorded on the first day he started testosterone treatment, and the other set of vocals being recorded 9 months after being on the hormones.

He told The Local that he was taken back by the support he has received since uploading the video.

The singer said: “The reactions have been very supportive! I never thought it would spread as much as it has.

“I am so glad people have shown so much appreciation.

“A few people have given me really harsh comments, but they are so few that I can count them on one hand.”

He was motivated to create the song to give back to the community.

“During my own journey I benefitted greatly from other people’s stories and progress. I wanted to find my own way to give back to others, to give people in the trans community hope that things can get better and life can move in the direction you wish it to.”

Despite all the positivity he has experienced since uploading the song, Peck said it has been met with some confusion too from people who thought the vocals were two separate people.

“I have noted that people think I was a different person before. I guess that’s because I chose to sing to myself. Maybe it has sent the wrong message. I’m exactly the same person as before, I’ve merely shed coats,” he said.

Peck explained that in the video he uses his old name, and that some people think that gives them permission to use it. However, he stressed that it can cause discomfort for many trans people.

“I also use my previous name in the video,” Peck added. “Some people have interpreted that as clearance to use my old name: it’s never ok to talk to a trans person with their previous name as it can given them discomfort, I can’t emphasize that enough.

“But overall, the reactions and feedback have been overwhelming and filled with so much love. I’m really grateful for that,” he added.

Peck isn’t alone in creating beautiful memoirs to document their experience of transition.

Trans activist Jamie Raines wrote an emotional letter to himself pre-transition in a hopeful attempt to help others going through a similar journey.

Meanwhile Game of Thrones writer Ellie Kendrick created the documentary Silly Girl which explores the idea of being able to talk to your teenage self again. In the documentary, Kendrick features a 40-year-old trans man giving advice to himself as a pre-transition teenager.

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Watch the lovely cover here:

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