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The 11 best cartoons fighting back against anti-trans bathroom bills

Josh Jackman March 7, 2017
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It’s been another damaging couple of days for trans people in the US.

The Supreme Court will not go ahead with the case of Virginian trans teen Gavin Grimm, whose school ordered him to use a toilet that corresponds with his “biological gender”.

Trump’s administration acted to withdraw the transgender protections the case partly relied on, throwing the case into disarray.

And in Texas, the lieutenant governor has enlisted Christians and their pastors in an attempt to push through an unpopular and discriminatory anti-trans bathroom bill.

The government may have shelved its legal opposition to North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law, but the fight for trans rights in the US is far from over, especially as 2016 was the deadliest ever year for the community.

In a troubling time for trans people, the rest of the LGBT community and a whole host of other minorities, art is often an effective weapon.

And that is where cartoons come in. Here are the funniest, smartest and most heartbreaking ones when it comes to attacking anti-trans attitudes.

1 The North Carolina creeps

2 Nature’s most dangerous predator

3 I’m just minding my own business

4 I want to pee in peace

5 Don’t get caught

6 ‘There’s a boy in the bathroom!’

7 Perverts

8 Just makin’ sure

9 No choice

10 Let my people go to the toilet

11 The real identity crisis

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