Homophobic pastor Franklin Graham has supported Texas’ Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick in condemning the NFL and NBA.

Both the National Football League and the National Basketball Association have said they will support transgender rights – in a wave of anti-LGBT legislation sweeping the nation.

Both have threatened to withhold competitions – including the SuperBowl – from the state if SB6, an anti-LGBT bill, becomes law.

Similar to the one introduced in North Carolina, the bill would ban transgender people from using the restroom that corresponds with their gender identity.

Mr Patrick hit back at both institutions claiming they had “lost their minds” if they were to boycott the state.

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Now homophobic pastor Franklin Graham has weighed in.

Taking to Twitter to support the Lt Governor, Mr Graham said: “I agree with Texas Lt Gov @DanPatrick the NBA & the NFL have lost their minds, as well as their moral compass.

“LGBT activists think they’ve got this kind of blackmail down pat – but they may have a surprise with Texas.”

He then goes on to mentioned reports which claim ticket prices have dropped for the NBA All-Star Game after it was pulled from North Carolina.

“Serves (the NBA) right – should’ve stayed in NC!” he added.

“The liberal left and LGBT activists are trying to push this down America’s throat and I hope it backfires.”

Last month, Mr Graham preached at Donald trump’s inauguration – despite having claimed LGBT people had caused a “moral 9/11”.

His sister, who is also homophobic, has claimed God caused the actual 9/11 because trans people are allowed to use the correct bathrooms.

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