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WATCH: A Mexican politician showed a class how to put a condom on with your mouth and people aren’t happy!

Bobby Rae February 20, 2017

A Mexican politician has angered parents after showing a group of young people how to put on a condom using her mouth.

Dione Anguiano of the Party of Democratic Revolution used a sex toy to make her demonstration and claimed she was “encouraging young people to practice safe sex”.

The 52-year-old had appeared at a youth event in Mexico City and said she was informing young people about different sexualities and performed the act as a way to get the young people to use condoms.

“I invite the youth to celebrate love with responsibility and avoid unplanned pregnancy,” she said at the event.

“Learn how to protect yourselves.”

As well as placing the prophylactic on the dildo, the crowd encourage her to continue ‘her performance’ and chant and applaud when she finishes.

However, a number of parents have now hit out at the MP and called her behaviour “irresponsible”.

One of them said: “This area [the district of Iztapalapa] is known for pregnancies with young people and here you are showing them more sex tricks.”

While another added: “Such irresponsible actions from someone in power.”

A number of Mexican news outlets contacted Ms Anguiano for comment, but she is yet to respond.

Watch the video below:

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