This mother rejected her gay son on national TV and people are shocked

February 7, 2017
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A mother rejected her son after he told her of his love for another man on national TV last night.

Bride and Prejudice saw one man ask his mother if she’d meet his partner, because they’re about to get married.

However, the moment didn’t go as he wanted.

Chris told his mother, Yvonne: “I actually met someone.

“And … his name is Grant.

“The reason why I want you to meet Grant is because he’s really important to me.

“And what we’re doing is we’re getting married in a month’s time in Palm Springs in the States.”

The emotional scenes saw his mum push her son away, saying: “You know I’ve got very strong believe on that.”

She added: “I feel sorry for him, he’s chosen a hard road to travel, and I’ve realised how wrong it is.

“It is just an unacceptable behaviour.”

Fans of the show reacted in shock after the scenes were aired.

Many pointed out that she seemed to put her personal beliefs before her role as a mother.

Things then got even more emotional after his mother asked for a hug before he left.

But he just couldn’t do it, after all that.

LGBT tweeters commented it brought back memories of their own coming out stories.

They commended his incredible courage to invite his parents, despite realising they probably wouldn’t be supportive.

After the show aired, Chris said the moment broke his heart all over again.

“I’m not going to lie, it hurt,” he told

“I went in there hoping for the best and knew it was going to be difficult… but the result was it was painful.”

Thankfully for Chris, his husband-to-be’s parents are much more supportive.

They promised to accept and love him, however he identifies.

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