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17 really awesome Valentine’s Day cards to give to your girlfriend

Rosie West February 6, 2017

As the most romantic day, dreaded by many, is on the horizon, PinkNews brings you a collection of cards you could give to your best lady.

17 For a queer ladyfriend who fits that old stereotype about cats 😉

Via LittleLoveliesStudio

16 Or the other one about plaid …

Via ShoshyCadoodle

15 How about this subtle reminder of how much you love your beau

Via StudioBoketto

14 Or another equally as subtle reminder of the fact that you are a proud queer lady

Via SuperCoolCards

13 Now that Kristen Stewart has come out as ‘so gay’ – a card for one of her biggest fangirls?

Via HBombStuff

12 Or maybe your lady friend is more into OITNB

Via BettyRobbin

11 This is one for those of you looking to tie the knot (congrats if you are!)

Via SophieCachia

10 Ahem this one

Via MiskaMarie

9 Okay so technically not a card, but what about these cushions (for the pushin’?)

Via CreativePillowLV on Etsy

8 Or these, for the more magically-inclined queer lady

Via Lessssismoreee

7 One for a comic book geek, and frankly one of our biggest fantasies come true…

6 Or if sci-fi/fantasy is more her bag

Via ProyectoAlegria

5 If your other half is a punny French speaker…

Via ShoshyCadoodle

4 Or maybe you just want to get a card for a cute chick

Via ShoshyCadoodle

3 Whether your gf is a Mean Girls fan

Via HollyRoseCrafts

2 Or a music aficionado (because that’s what this reference is, right?)

Viu MooEventsAndDesigns

1 There’s something for everyone!

Via AprilDaysDesigns

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