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Westboro Baptist Church made a last ditch attempt at using Pokémon Go to spread anti-LGBT messages

Meka Beresford January 1, 2017
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The Westboro Baptist Church has made a last ditch attempt at using Pokémon Go to spread anti-LGBT messages.

The homophobic religious group began using the platform in the summer, after their church was made into a gym.

Players around the area began to use the gym to make political statements by naming their Pokémon characters with pro-LGBT messages.

One player called Saigon levelled up a Magmar to have a combat power of 666, and called it Satan.

Another user, Pinknose, named their Clefairy LoveIsLove.

When the Church picked up on the movement, they began to tweet pictures of characters from the game holding protest signs.

The first tweet featured a Jigglypuff holding a sign saying “Pokémon Go and sin no more: Repent or Perish.”

They then tweeted “Transforming silly things so we can preach the Gospel of Christ to a generation of Bible-dumb rebels #PokémonGo.”

Now, the church group has put together a series of anti-LGBT Pokémon holding signs.

They tweeted saying: “EVERYTHING. Real or virtual enables proud sin in America. That’s a sign of DOOM! #PokémonGo.”

It is unclear why they opted to tweet the vine showing more anti-LGBT characters, as the initial battle died down in July.

Church elder, Steve Drain, said: “We’re willing by God’s grace to say that homosexuality is wrong, and that’s what we’ve been known for, even though we preach the whole counsel of God.”

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