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15 times Moms and Dads of LGBT kids won at parenting

James Park December 23, 2016

PinkNews takes a look at a group of parents who winning when it comes to bringing up LGBT children.

1 This Mom, who cares a lot about her daughter’s love life…

2 This Mom, who weant just a bit too far while trying to find her son a man


3 This Dad, who cares more about grilling chicken…

4 This dad who believes in stating the obvious

5 Or this Mom, who makes every effort to connect with her child.

6 And this Dad, who is more concerned about his own love life

7 This mother, who celebrated marriage equality with her lesbian daughter…

8 This Dad wants to ride the rainbow

9 Step parents are cool too!

10 All the feels…

This is what most of our Moms would say to us right?

11 Wow!

12 “It’s bisexual, mom!!!”

We’re not sure though if we actually prefer the word “bisexy” to describe ourselves!

13 Pass the tissues…

14 These folks who reacted in the best way possible

15 And these dads, whose love for their trans kids left us in tears!

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