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Right-wing radio host: We need to cleanse America of ‘Rainbow Jihadis’

Nick Duffy December 13, 2016
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A right-wing radio host has claimed that the US needs to be purged of militant LGBT activists, comparing gay people to a “swarm of locusts”.

Popular ultra-conservative talk show host Steve Deace made the claim in a column for the Conservative Review.

The pundit cited a story on Buzzfeed questioning whether two stars of a reality show on the HGTV network, Chip and Joanna Gaines, harbour homophobic views, noting that they attend a church led by an extreme anti-LGBT pastor.

Responding to the supposed attack on Christianity, Deace said: “The Rainbow Jihad’s bloodlust is insatiable, and if it isn’t the Gaineses that they come back for to conquer, it will certainly be someone else.

“We aren’t dealing with people who merely disagree with us or are skeptical of our faith and logic. If that were the case, the strongest desire they would have would be to best our arguments in the standard intellectual fields of battle. That is the last place they want to make their case, though, for they know at least to some degree how unstable the ground is on which they stand.

“No, they seek something far different than debate, honest or otherwise. They seek destruction… they intend to overrun the land, choke the life out of it, and leave it for dead.”

The radio host continued: “We must respond in kind, with all the existential force of both the powers of heaven and our barely-still-there status as free men and women governed by the greatest political compact ever devised: the U.S. Constitution.

“We must embrace that taking our country back from the forces of darkness will require a D-Day-like effort of cleansing and reconstruction, which can only be accomplished if our will to survive is stronger than the progressives’ will is to kill us.

“They are doing so in all but body at this point. Such is the way of a swarm of locusts. They don’t intend to bargain or negotiate a compromise. They intend to overrun the land, choke the life out of it, and leave it for dead.”

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