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Republican lawmaker: Demons are possessing TV execs to force them to include gay people

Nick Duffy December 8, 2016
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A Republican state congressman has claimed that the increased number of LGBT people in TV advertising is down to demonic possession.

Gordon Klingenschmitt, the Republican member to the Colorado House of Representatives for the 15th district, made the claim after a Christmas ad for jewellers Zales.

The jewellery chain launched an ad featuring a number of couples showing their love for eachother, including a same-sex couple getting married.

Mr Klingenschmitt, a disgraced former Navy chaplain, claimed on his fringe televangelist show ‘Pray In Jesus Name’ that demons were responsible for the ad.

He said: “It is a demonic spirit not only inside of the lesbian couple who are pretending to get married in this TV commercial, but now influencing and ruling in the hearts of the ad executives who have decided at Zales Jewelers that they should promote this as a good thing to all of America.

“They are deceivers, they are fooling the America public and we need to expose that as wrong.”

The clip, dutifully snipped by Right Wing Watch, doesn’t even break the top five of most homophobic things said by the GOP politician.

Earlier this year he claimed that Caitlyn Jenner needs to be exorcised of her transgender ‘demons’.

He has also claimed that gay people will soon demand the right to have sex in the houses of good honest Christians.

Prior to his election, Klingenschmitt claimed that gay soldiers cause problems in the military by “taking breaks on the combat field to change diapers”, because their “treacherous sin” means they “lose control of their bowels”.

He also claimed that “liberals demand public access to rape your girls” by allowing “transgenders” to use female toilets.

Once you’ve completed the protective line of salt around your computer, watch the Zales clip below:

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