Danielle Muscato who defines herself as an “atheist, civil rights activist, musician and trans woman” launched a twitter tirade against Donald Trump after his ironic tweet about Saturday Night Live’s latest skit.

SNL’s latest skit took to the subject of Trump’s tweeting habits, humorously showing him retweet random people in a security briefing. He responded by tweeting.


Danielle Muscato decided to weigh in and try to beat trump at his own game.



Her twitter tirade continued for two hours.


By the time of Trump’s election 2016 had already been deemed the deadliest year ever for trans people in the US.



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Ms Muscato then went back to an area she knows well, civil rights activism.


She then tweeted that this rant gained her 50,000 new followers to her account.

She said: “Thank you all for your support. Let’s use this platform for GOOD.”

Alec Baldwin also had his own viral response for Trump…


Watch SNL’s skit here:

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