28 November 2016

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Wife of Putin’s press guy performs Holocaust-themed ice skating routine (VIDEO)

These awful responses to rainbow laces show homophobia in football is still a problem

Scottish Parliament to debate ending blood ban for men who have sex with men

Beautiful women more likely to pick gay male best friends, study finds

The new leader of UKIP attacked plans to challenge homophobia in schools

‘Gay donkey raped my horse’ candidate comes last in UKIP leadership election

Liberty university coronavirus COVID-19

Trump offers cabinet post to head of Christian university that bans gay students

‘The fag*ot that voted for Hillary’: Manager attacks dad in front of four-year-old son

The new favourite to be French President wants to ban gay couples from adopting

Radical Islamic group raid gay ‘sex party’, force police to arrest men and seize HIV drugs

Andy Cohen reveals he had skin cancer

This is how Fidel Castro persecuted gay people

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