With the finish line in sight, it seems election fever is finally taking its toll…

Donald Trump has said a lot of things in the lead up this year’s US election.

A LOT of things.

He has been accused of sexism and racism. He’s entertained transphobia and homophobia.

He has misquoted, misunderstood and mispronounced; insulted, insinuated and ignored.

However, despite the very real prospect that the controversial former reality star may actually become the Leader of the Free World (Brexit, anyone?!), LGBT people have still managed to find humour in an otherwise worrying situation.

Most of which is provided by Mr Trump himself…

Offering a truly inspired spin on not only what Trump says but how he says it, is comedian Michael Henry.

Henry pulled together a group of his LGBT friends to quote some classic Trump-isms – which take on a whole new meaning when said in a queer context.

Check out the video below:

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