PinkNews takes a look at the little ones showing us adults how it’s done…

1 This Hillary Clinton loving 8-year old, who has no time for Trump – or trolls

This 8-year-old boy showed his support for Hillary Clinton in the best possible way this Halloween – by dressing up as her!

2 This adorable five year old, who refuses to hide who he really is

The parents of five-year-old transgender child Jacob say they couldn’t be more proud of their son’s ‘brave’ battle to live his life as a boy.

3 The trans teen siblings who helped each other transition

Gavin and Rai came out as trans within just a month of each other back in 2011.

4 This fabulous figure skater, who silenced his critics in the classiest way…

Anti-gay commentators tried to shut down this figure skater and instead… they got owned.

5 And the 8-year-old trans girl who single-handedly took on the Westboro Baptist Church

This 8-year-old trans girl raised enough funds to open a Transgender House across from the Westboro Baptist Church.

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