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LGBT books dominate 2016’s most-banned list

  • PaulBrownsey

    Why not “in USA” in headline?

    • ECarpenter

      That would be good. It would also be interesting to hear what books are being banned (if any) in UK public libraries, and in UK school libraries. I imagine some of the religious schools, in particular, don’t have copies of “Two Boys Kissing”.

  • Peeps 69

    The Land of the Free! Funny how free speech is is limited to anti-gay propaganda, then suddenly it’s a constitutional right

    • dave

      The Bible is also on that list

      • 1Myles1

        That is one book that should never be banned.How will christians learn that religion is sick and evil if they can’t read the bible?

  • Guest

    they were banned to stop the LGBT’s from spreading their propaganda. These books are trying to brainwash people and turn them gay.

    • 1Myles1

      Sexuality is innate and immutable.If you think you can change your sexuality,prove it.Go gay.Even in your ignorance you should be able to follow up your beliefs.

      • caterfree10

        tbh I wouldn’t call sexuality universally immutable. makes it harder for ppl who go through dozens of labels to feel comfortable in the queer community. And sometimes, ppl do end up going through a lot of labels before they find out what works best for them. :Bb

    • Bobbie Jo Justice

      I’d rather be around glbt people than hate filled bigoted “christians” any day.

    • Liam

      By your logic, if it is possible to change a person’s sexuality just with depiction the constant images of far more explicit heterosexuality in all forms of media would more than cancel it out.

    • CrissCross

      If people can change their sexual orientation on a whim, then it means that ANYBODY could “go gay”.
      Which would mean that EVERYBODY is bisexual (& part of lgBt) & could go either way.
      If Everyone is LGBT then why ban LGBT literature?

    • John Hoggett

      You are so right. There are not enough gay men in the world. My love life shows that is true. Anything to raise the chance of me finding a boyfriend needs to be done. I personally send these books to every school in my locality every year.

      I am being ironic by the way. I hope you can see that.

      Perhaps you can’t? Oh well, never mind.

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    banning books, gee, sounds like something nazi gemany would do.

    Welcome to amerikkka, home of the hate-filled “christian” bigots, land of the white racists.

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