To celebrate the cast of Will & Grace getting back together after ten years apart, PinkNews takes a look at ten things you definitely did not know about the iconic sitcom.

1 Karen’s voice wasn’t always that high-pitched

Megan Mullally used her own voice in the pilot episode.

2 And she was even supposed to get her own spinoff!

NBC gave Mullally her own talk-show instead.

3 John Barrowman was supposed to play Will…

But the gay actor was too straight apparently – although the part later went to straight actor Eric McCormack.

4 …and Nicolette Sheridan just missed out on playing Grace!

Would Wisteria Lane have survived without Nicolette’s super-bitch Edie Britt?

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5 Vice President Joe Biden was a HUGE fan of the show

He credited the sitcom with doing “more to educate the American public” on LGBT issues “than almost anything anybody has ever done so far.”

6 The show was originally supposed to be about straight couples

Will & Grace were meant to be supporting characters until NBC exec Warren Littlefield told showrunners Max Mutchnick and David Kohan he wanted the show to focus on the flatmates.

7 Sean Hayes threw the pilot script away…

Everyone’s favourite GBF could have been played by somebody else, as Hayes was attending Sundance when he was faxed the script.

“I tossed it, thinking there’d be 10,000 more sitcoms.”

8 …and Debra Messing decided to play Grace after a bottle of vodka!

Mutchnick and Kohan wanted Messing so badly that they bribed her with vodka, spending hours pouring her shots and pitching the show.

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