14 September 2016

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‘Are you still on Grindr?’ Labour’s Chris Bryant shares bizarre email in Parliament

North Carolina Republican admits anti-LGBT law was a mistake and should be scrapped

Bisexual woman and her mum ‘stabbed to death and burnt’ in suspected hate crime attack

This 25-year-old man has spent thousands buying Disney princess dolls and says they’re worth every penny

Green Party tells Science Museum to ditch ‘brain sex’ test

UK Trade Secretary defends new business hub in North Carolina despite anti-LGBT law

Michelle Obama co-hosts the Ellen Show…and we’re loving it

Teen terror suspect allegedly ‘plotted bomb attack on Elton John concert’

African dictator who wants to behead all gays says he’s cured AIDS…but only on Monday and Thursday

A school actually set this homophobic maths question that claims ‘God intended’ people to be straight

Jailed whistleblower Chelsea Manning ‘will be allowed gender surgery behind bars’ after hunger strike protest

Matilda star ‘very upset’ about how she came out

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