8 September 2016

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Kim Davis’ lawyer is now defending US pastor who pushed anti-gay laws in Africa

Former Pope Benedict claims his biggest victory was the destruction of the Vatican ‘gay lobby’

JK Rowling reveals Remus Lupin’s werewolf condition metaphor for HIV

North Carolina’s Governor can’t understand why people are still upset about his anti-LGBT law

Trump facing questions over ‘illegal’ donations to Florida’s anti-LGBT Attorney General Pam Bondi

Footballer comes out as gay on Reddit, admits he has fake girlfriend

Civil partnerships collapse as couples opt for marriage instead

Catholic priest who said gays ‘must remain celibate’ faces child sex abuse claims

Trans teenagers just as likely to get pregnant as cisgender peers

Gay hospital chaplain begins appeal after losing job because he got married

Tory MP claims boys are ‘born to be masculine’, attacks ‘shrill equal pay brigade’

Watch Apple boss Tim Cook show off his singing skills in James Corden’s latest Carpool Karaoke

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