Salma Hayek opens up about playing a lesbian taco in Sausage Party (VIDEO)

Joe Williams August 11, 2016
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That’s right – a lesbian taco.

Oscar-nominated actress Salma Hayek has discussed her latest role in raunchy new animated film Sausage Party.

As filthy as its name suggest, the Disney spoof – produced by Seth Rogen and James Franco – boasts an impressive cast, including Paul Rudd, Kristen Wiig and Edward Norton.

Salma Hayek opens up about playing a lesbian taco in Sausage Party (VIDEO)

Hayek plays a same-sex loving taco in the movie, about food items in a grocery store who believe that being bought by customers will lead them to paradise.

The films sees our hero – a sausage named Frank voiced by Rogen – and his friends discover the truth, leading to a quest for freedom.

Hayek’s character Teresa the Taco develops a crush on a bun played by Ghostbusters and Bridesmaids star Wiig.

“I read the script. It was very funny. It was completely outrageous and so I said, ‘Let’s go!’” Hayek recalled.

However, she kept the role a closely guarded secret – even from her own husband..

“I kept it a secret [from my husband] until I showed him the trailer,” she said during the film’s premiere.

“He was like, ‘What?’ I was like, ‘It’s not for children’.”

Back in 2008, TV anchor Eamonn Holmes incorrectly outed Hayek as lesbian during an extremely awkward interview the actress.

Interviewing her for This Morning, he was struggled to understand her accent, when he inquired at her surname.

Salma Hayek opens up about playing a lesbian taco in Sausage Party (VIDEO)

“Hayek doesn’t sound very Mexican.” She responded by saying that she was half Lebanese.

“You’re a lesbian?” he responded, thinking she was coming out.

“No – Leb-an-ese”, she said slowly, spelling it out for him.

“‘Oh sorry, i thought you were half lesbian. Forgive me.”

The year before in 2007, Penelope Cruz laughed off the idea of a lesbian affair with Hayek.

Watch a NSFW trailer for Sausage Party below:

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