Why do straight women prefer lesbian and gay male adult films?

Kaitlyn Hayes July 26, 2016
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According to a recent study, heterosexual women overwhelmingly prefer lesbian porn over straight porn.

In a study conducted by PornHub and Buzzfeed, it was found that women are 132% more likely to watch lesbian porn than men.

Most of the western hemisphere, including women from the Americas and most European countries, primarily search for lesbian porn.


While some might find this statistic shocking, these porn habits are nothing new.

In 2014, Pornhub and Buzzfeed conducted the same study that revealed similar results.

Gender and pop culture expert, Dr Lauren Rosewarne, explained that this is such a common occurrence because straight porn is often more aligned with men’s fantasies than women’s.

She said that a penis poking in and out of a vagina often isn’t “that great of a look,” and although straight women might appreciate the role of the penis in practice, they do not “necessarily find its deployment in action titillating – particularly since penises are very rarely named as the sexiest part of a man.”

In contrast, the sole focus of lesbian porn is what women find pleasurable – gay or straight.

“In lesbian porn, there is really a focus on oral and clitoral stimulation as the main event,” said sex therapist Megan Flemming.

“And since this is typically what gets most women off anyway, it’s no wonder this is what you like to see on the screen.”

And the second most popular porn category amongst ladies – male gay porn.

Dr Rosewarne suggests this is because gay porn does what straight porn never does – it sexualises the male body.


Blogs such as FoxyGirls have been set up for female fans of gay porn sites such as CockyBoys, and a lot of fanfiction written by straight women fantasise same-sex relationships with male characters.

What makes this even more noteworthy, is the fact that Pornhub found gay porn to be the seventh most popular category for men.

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