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Pokemon Go players are heading to gay saunas and sex clubs to pick up Pokeballs

Nick Duffy July 25, 2016
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A number of gay saunas, bars and porn shops have experienced a surprise influx of Pokemon trainers.

The massively popular mobile game Pokemon Go sees players travel around the real world in search of Pokemon.

Though many of the locations in the game appear randomly generated, the locations of Pokemon Gyms and Pokestops are not – and it is thought they are based on user submissions from a previous game, Ingress.

Ingress allowed players to tag local landmarks such as churches and artworks, which developer Niantic has dutifully copied over to Pokemon Go.

However, when you ask people on the internet to do something… yeah, you already know how this ends.

It turns out a ton of Ingress players managed to sneak a number of unintended locations past the approval filters in the past: with everything from graves to porn shops submitted as locations that are now Pokestops.

And gay clubs.

A lot of gay clubs.

In fact, a quick online search revealed that dozens of gay nightclubs, saunas and porn shops around the world have been assigned Pokestop status, some of which appear to be actively embracing it – placing down ‘lures’ to attract players to their locations.

Seattle’s gay bath house Club Z, San Francisco’s Nob Hill Adult Theater and the Dallas Eagle club are among the venues that have been listed as Pokestops.

There is currently no mechanism to request removal of a Pokestop unless it poses an immediate danger. Reddit community ‘Sh*ttyPokestops’ has collected some of the other plain weird places listed in the game.

Reddit users also noted some of the many stops.

One person wrote: “It gives a whole new meaning to free pokéballs.”

Another joked: “I caught a Lickitung there.”

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