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21 things that will bring a smile to every lesbian’s face

Rosie West July 25, 2016

PinkNews takes a look at some of things that might make lesbians smile….

1 When your parents refer to your girlfriend as your girlfriend and not your “friend”

2 Or when your Gran asks you if you’ve met any “nice girls” recently

3 When you can unashamedly kiss in public

4 When a TV show has a lesbian storyline

5 When NONE of the characters in the lesbian storyline die

6 When a TV show or movie has a good lesbian sex scene

7 When you tell a man you’re a lesbian and he doesn’t start asking about your sex life

8 When you go to a gay bar and you aren’t the only women there

9 When your cat FINALLY accepts your girlfriend!

10 When you match with a girl on Tinder and see you have no mutual friends

11 Or when you go on a Tinder date and they haven’t dated any of your exes

12 When you’re single and you actually meet a single lesbian…

13 …a single lesbian who you haven’t already slept with!

14 When a celebrity you have a crush on comes out

15 Photos of lesbian weddings

16 Cute photos of old lesbian couples

17 When you check into a hotel and are offered a double room – with a double bed!

18 When your doctor understands that you can be both sexually active and definitely not pregnant

19 When you don’t get asked which of you is the man…

20 When you’re stalking people from school on Facebook and it turns out they’re out and proud too!

21 When you see other lesbian couples in public and you’re like “WE’RE THE SAME”

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