Straight man says doing gay adult films with his twin brother made life ‘a living hell’

Joe Williams July 18, 2016
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The former model says his life was ruined after he appeared in a number of gay sex scenes with his twin brother.

A straight former porn actor says the decision to star alongside his twin brother in a gay porn film made his life a “living hell”.

Ta’Leon Goffney appeared in the film and took part in a series of pornographic photoshoots with his gay twin brother Keyontyli – a move that ultimately destroyed their relationship.

Straight man says doing gay adult films with his twin brother made life ‘a living hell’

“I always knew he was gay and sexually active, but to witness him being bottomed right before my very eyes as I had to play along was just too close for comfort,” he told Queerty.

“Although we never did anything sexual to one another it still ruined the family line between us because it obliterated any possible boundaries that he and I could ever have again.”

Ta’Leon says he and his brother thought they were set to take part in an “up-scale” modelling gig when they arrived in Las Vegas back in 2004, but that producers were quick to take advantage of the “two naive, poverty-stricken kids” who were desperate for cash.

“The producers really pressured us during the shoot, which made the process all the more difficult,” he explained.

“We both felt like prostitutes because we were being filmed doing sex acts for money.

“It ruined our bond because we really took it too far. There’s just certain lines that siblings should never cross.”

Unfortunately for the twins, their ordeal was far from over. Four years later, the brothers were arrested after a botched robbery attempt. Ta’Leon says his brother confessed in order to secure a plea deal, leaving him incarcerated for 75 months.

When the production company heard the news, they uploaded a free link to the video, capitalising on the brother’s hardships and ensuring Ta’Leon’s time in prison was harder than he could ever have imagined.

“I was ostracised, attacked and harassed by inmates and prison guards all the way up until my release date.

Straight man says doing gay adult films with his twin brother made life ‘a living hell’

“I spent a third of my sentence in solitary confinement due to the notoriety of my case. I was all over the television.”

Luckily, things began to look up for Ta’Leon upon his release and he has since become an author, model and has a young son with his girlfriend.

However, he says he still regrets his decision to take part in the film.

“It’s been 12 years since it happened and it’s still vivid in my mind as if it happened yesterday,” he revealed.

“I regret it to the fullest. Because that played a part in me losing the one person who was closest to me.”

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