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Republicans ban Super Soakers from national convention, but handguns apparently fine

Nick Duffy July 4, 2016
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The Republican Party has issued a ban on water guns near its national convention – but you can still carry handguns.

In the wake of the Orlando massacre, the GOP has ignored calls from LGBT groups and Democrats for basic gun control laws.

It is believed that the shooter was able to legally purchase the assault weapons he used in the assault, despite being investigated by the FBI previously.

The Republican stance on gun control reached new levels of bizarre this week, ahead of the party’s National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Under security restrictions, a number of items will be banned inside the 1.7-square-mile “event zone” for the convention – including “projectile launchers” such as water pistols, BB guns and paintball guns.

Glass bottles, tennis balls and metal-tipped umbrellas are also banned… but feel free to carry a handgun, which is specifically permitted.

The state’s Republican leadership passed strong ‘open carry’ laws, which means that it is unlawful to ban gun owners from carriying their firearms in public places.”

Cleveland city spokesman Dan William said: “That’s what we have to abide by — state law, open carry.”

Only Secret Service and law enforcement personnel will be allowed to carry guns inside the arena itself.

50 LGBT rights groups recently issued a joint statement calling for restrictions on weapon sales, after the massacre in Orlando.

It reads: “We recognise the need to address the bigotry that motivates acts of violence toward LGBTQ people, and we also recognise that such violence is far more deadly when carried out with firearms.

“Any solutions to the problem of hate violence, including anti-LGBTQ violence, must address the alarmingly easy access that bigots have to such deadly weapons. For example, under current law, people convicted of violent hate crimes can legally buy and possess guns. This is unacceptable.

“With each new massacre, most recently the one in Orlando, we hope the number of homicides has pushed Americans over the threshold of tolerance for hatred fuelled by people who seek to divide the country; for weak gun laws that arm those with hate in their hearts; and for the more than 90 victims of gun killings nationwide each day, affecting people of all backgrounds, sexual orientations, and gender identities.”

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