Is this ex-Mormon gay dad the true heir to the British throne?

Joseph McCormick July 1, 2016
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A gay ex-Mormon from Utah could be the true heir to the British throne, it has been claimed.

While James Knight Ord III admits: “I am not the KIng of England, not by any stretch of the imagination”, it is possible that he has been deprived of his ascension to the throne.

Prince William2

The lawyer from the state of Utah, who lives in Salt Lake City, is the subject of an article in Daily Mail which possibly links him to King George IV.

“Gay ex-Mormon is our new king,” Ord laughed as he spoke to Fox13.

But when he was a teen his grandad did tell him a tale which could link the family to the British throne.

A Catholic woman in the late 1700s Maria Fitzherbert had her marriage to Prince George IV annulled, when he rose to the throne.

Fitzherbert was apparently asked to acknowledge that she was fine with the annulment and that there were no children involved, by signing the back of the marriage certificate.

Only one problem – she refused.

“They tried to get her to sign the back of her marriage certificate that she had no issue, that there were no children of issue from the marriage and she, of course, refused to do so,” he added.

“Our family would have been the rightful heirs of the crown, but we were sent off packing,” Ord jokes.

While he sees the idea of being a challenger to Princes William, Harry and Charles laughable, he does believe that the tale he was told is true.

But he is one of various James Ords who have all had similar conversations with their grandparents about their lineage.

The lawyer, who is married with four kids, enjoys researching his family history, but has denied reports that he is attempting to get DNA evidence to prove his right to the throne.

Earlier this year, Prince William made history by appearing on the cover of Attitude magazine, becoming the first royal to appear on a gay magazine.


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