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We asked 100 guys on Grindr how they plan to vote in the upcoming EU referendum

Meka Beresford June 21, 2016

(Photo: @ChadHGriffin/ Twitter)

Ahead of the upcoming EU referendum, PinkNews asked the men of Grindr and Scruff which way they will be voting.

We took on the guise of 24 year old PN, with a picture taken off google images, and set out on our journey to discover what the men of London would be voting.

We messaged hundreds of men across central London asking whether they would be voting ‘in’ or ‘out’ this Thursday.

Looking back, we probably should have clarified that we actually meant remain or leave to avoid any confusion.

Unsurprisingly, a few of the app users did not wish to discuss politics, although quite a few were keen to meet up on Thursday.

Some of the best reactions saw some guys completely confused by the question:

Whereas a seemed a others weren’t the biggest fans of the UK:

Although the majority we spoke to said they would be voting Remain:

Out of the 100 men who eventually answered our questions on both Scruff and Grindr 70% of the men said that they will be voting to remain in the European Union.

10% said they will be voting to leave the EU, with a further 14% saying they were still undecided.

Just 6% of those asked said they refuse to vote or had not managed to register in time.

Last week, Sir Ian McKellen reaffirmed his support for the UK staying in the EU – claiming it makes “no sense” for gay people to back Brexit.

His comments came after Crispin Blunt, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, wrote for PinkNews accusing the ‘In’ campaign of scaremongering on LGBT rights

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