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Church of England Synod member says schools should ‘promote’ heterosexual lifestyle to kids

Nick Duffy June 21, 2016
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Just a week on from the deadliest homophobic hate crime in recent history, Channel 5 News featured an anti-LGBT campaigner – who claims schools should “promote” straight marriage to kids.

Andrea Williams of anti-LGBT group Christian Concern was invited on Channel 5 News last night to discuss School Diversity Week – an anti-bullying initiative promoted by LGBT education charity Just Like Us.

Williams claimed that the programme would expose children as young as seven to “lifestyles” that were not equivalent to heterosexuality.

She said: “As human beings, the Christian teaching would say each one of us is wonderfully made and we should embrace one another – but that doesn’t mean we should have to accept in education this idea that all lifestyles are equivalent, that all lifestyles bring equal good.

“What’s being celebrated here is the indoctrination of a lifestyle of a new prevailing cultural orthodoxy, and those that disagree find themselves coming into much trouble.”

Well…  in this case those that disagree find themselves invited onto Channel 5 News, but who are we to quibble?

She continued: “We’re all against bullying of any kind, but when it comes to teaching children about relationships as young as seven. What we need to be promoting is this beautiful model of marriage between a man and a woman, with children within that construct.

“The idea that we’re normalising lifestyles that may not be… [equivalent].”

Williams, a member of the Church of England’s General Synod, recently called for gay people to ‘repent’ their sexuality.

In a response to a letter from C of E Archbishops, she lambasted them for failing to “speak of the need for repentance of homosexual practice”.

She wrote: “The letter seems to indicate that there is already acceptance of homosexuality within the Anglican Church.

“Through capitulation to the surrounding culture, the church is being reduced to a social institution whose greatest priority is remaining ‘intact’.

“Yet the teaching of God’s Word and the faithful administration of the sacrament involves the loving discipline of unrepentant habitual offenders.

“There can be no true preaching of the Gospel when the message is corrupted by compromise through efforts to appease secular culture.”


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