Years & Years singer Olly Alexander has claimed that his band’s music video is being censored on Russian TV.

The band released a new music video for hit single ‘Desire’ earlier this year that was intended to celebrate diversity and sexuality.

Singer Olly Alexander of the sensual video in a letter: “There are a lot of other sexualities and identities that are well deserving of some shiny pop video love.”

He cited Madonna and Britney Spears among his influences, adding: “They were singing about men and I wanted to sing about men. They were seductive and sensual in their videos – I wanted to be seductive and sensual in my videos.”

However, speaking to Digital Spy, the singer said that the video has not been well-received everywhere – with gay kissing apparently censored on Russian TV.

He said: “So many people have been responsive to seeing a queer sex-positive video on a mainstream forum.

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“I’ve been surprised by how many people have got in touch to say it doesn’t get shown on daytime TV whereas other videos get show, which are just as risque as straight relationships.

“Someone got in touch with me just yesterday from Russia saying that they’d play it, but they blur out the bit when I kiss another guy.

“It’s interesting to have a dialogue with everyone online. It’s been a really good and positive thing.”

The singer recently spoke out against homophobic abuse and rape jokes on Twitter.

He said: “[I get] the usual stuff – sometimes it’s homophobic, like gay hate.

“But I don’t understand why people ‘@’ me on Twitter to say ‘Olly Alexander can’t sing’ or ‘Olly Alexander, you’re ugly as f**k’.

“If we’ve been on TV I don’t go on Twitter for a while after. I get some people who are really gross and make rape jokes about me.”

“It’s f**ked up. That’s why I can’t read too much anymore because I don’t need to be seeing that s**t.”

Check out the Desire video below:

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