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This ‘redneck’ woman has come up with an extremely inventive solution to anti-trans bathroom laws (VIDEO)

Joe Williams May 26, 2016
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Her response to the transphobic ‘bathroom bill’ is truly inspired.

YouTube sensation The Carla has come up with a solution to the anti-trans legislation currently plaguing the community across America.

She posted the video in response to bills passed in states like Mississippi and North Carolina, which take aim at the rights of trans people using the bathroom they feel most comfortable in.

Many wrongly claim that the bill protects young children from paedophiles, with one group even releasing a music video on the issue.

However, The Carla thinks those opposed to trans rights have their priorities all wrong and should actually be paying more attention to their children’s behaviour.

“First of all, your logic that all trans people are paedophiles is faulty,” she says.

“Nobody wants to peek at your badass little kid. Nobody is looking at them.

“What you should be worried about is when you take your kids to Chucky Cheese and set them free and let them run wild.”

And her solution to the problem?

The Carla thinks that if people don’t want trans people in bathrooms, then they should be entitled to go to the toilet wherever, whenever.

“What we’re gonna do is, if any of us have to use the restroom, we’re just gonna shit right where we are.

“America, it’s time to wake up. It’s time to star shi**ing and pi**ing anywhere you want, anywhere you can think of.”

She also suggests that anti-trans campaigners wear diapers, so they no longer need to worry about sharing a bathroom with anybody.

The Carla hopes her “bowel movement” will encourage those in favour of bathroom bills to have “a change of heart” – especially once they start stepping in other people’s “doo doo”.

She says she was inspired to the video by fellow “liberal redneck” Trae Crowder – who uploaded his own rant on the issue last week.

Watch The Carla’s (slightly NSFW) video below:

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