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This dad was beaten up for taking his little girl into a Walmart men’s room to pee

Joseph McCormick May 26, 2016
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A dad has been beaten up for taking his 5-year-old daughter into a men’s room in Walmart to pee.

Christopher Adams, a father of two, took his son, Kyler, 7, and his daughter, Emery, 5, into the men’s room at his local Walmart.

This dad was beaten up for taking his little girl into a Walmart men’s room to pee

The father says his family went shopping on Sunday, and that he took the kids into the restroom when they needed to pee.

Speaking to KSL-TV, Adams says he was met with confrontation by a man who said he thought Emery should not have been allowed into a men’s bathroom.

“This guy walks in and goes to the bathroom, the urinal,” Adams said.

“Then he just, like, turns to me and starts freaking out, dropping the F-bomb — and what he was freaking out about was that my daughter was in the men’s bathroom.”

Saying the man said it was “inappropriate” for the girl to be in the restroom, Adams said he tried to get his kids out of the man’s way.

But before they could leave, the man beat-up Adams, punching him as he turned away, bruising his eye.

After several more punches, Adams, who is 6ft 3 and 250 pounds, managed to wrestle the man to the ground and call for staff to help him.

“I just slammed him on the ground and just held him until associates from Walmart could get there,” Adams told the TV station.

The unnamed man was arrested by police for disorderly conduct.

The city of Clinton, Utah, is now considering an assault charge against the man, as Adams complains of knee pain and possible broken cartilage surrounding his ribs.

Police said that individuals concerned by bathroom use should speak to staff in stores or law enforcement officials.

The attack comes amid a national battle over trans bathroom rights, with several states having passed laws to limit trans people to the bathroom corresponding with their birth gender.

More than a million people people have joined a boycott of the superstore in recent weeks led by far-right anti-LGBT groups, after the store confirmed that transgender people were able to use their preferred bathroom.

It comes after Target confirmed it “welcomes transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity.”

A number of protesters have taken to disrupting Target stores directly – with one man sparking a lockdown in Illinois, while in another incident a woman waved a Bible while warning customers “the devil will rape your children”.

The state of Texas and ten other states are suing President Obama over his administration’s strong stance defending transgender rights.

The Obama administration has intervened on LGBT rights this month after a string of laws attempted to roll back LGBT discrimination protections, purportedly to stop trans people from going to the bathroom.

The federal government wrote to every school in the US to advise them that they are obliged not to discriminate against trans people.

However, that hasn’t gone down well with hard-right Republicans – with GOP politicians in Oklahoma attempting to impeach Obama.

Asked about the row previously, Obama press secretary Josh Earnest mocked the tendency of some Republicans to sexualise the issue.

The US Justice Department sued the state of North Carolina last month, asking a federal court to rule that the state’s anti-trans HB2 law violates the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

The Department said the state should stop enforcing HB2.

The Attorney General Loretta Lynch also threatened to withhold federal funding to the University of North Carolina system, which could be as much as $4.8 billion.

In response, Governor McCrory filed his own desperate lawsuit against the federal government.

This dad was beaten up for taking his little girl into a Walmart men’s room to pee

In it, he named Ms Lynch, the head of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, Vanita Gupta and the Justice Department.

“We’re taking the Obama admin to court,” he wrote.

“Our lawsuit seeks to ensure that NC continues to receive federal funding until the courts clarify federal law & resolve this national issue.”

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