These inspirational sisters came out as trans at the same time

Joe Williams May 24, 2016
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The siblings are now helping each other prepare to undergo reassignment surgery.

Jamie and Chloe O’Herlihy spent years struggling with their identity, but felt unable to express what they were going through.

It was only last summer when the siblings were at home together in Cork that they finally opened up about their feelings.

These inspirational sisters came out as trans at the same time

Following their conversation, the pair came out as trans to their friends and family.

“It’s weird that we were both going through exactly the same thing and having the same thoughts about being trans but just not talking to each other,” Chloe said.

The pair say they were never ‘stereotypical’ boys – preferring to dress up as celebrities such as Britney Spears and play with ‘girly’ toys.

“All our childhood memories are us dressing up as our favourite celebs and putting t-shirts on our heads so we had long hair or wearing them as skirts,” Jamie revealed.

“We were so free and we were allowed to do that in our home,” she added.

“But when we got to school we realised it was not okay to do that with other people so we kept it as our secret. We did a good job of hiding it.

“It’s sad because we were so happy at home and always so upset that we had to hide that part of ourselves with our friends.”

With the pair now planning to get gender reassignment surgery, they’re sharing their story in the hope of inspiring others to be true to themselves.

These inspirational sisters came out as trans at the same time

However, although they have each other, the sisters admit that the emotional and physical effects of transitioning have been very different for both of them.

They have both struggled with anxiety and panic attacks, but say they are grateful to have each other for support.

“We talk a lot about our transition and it is great to have each other,” Chloe said.

“We know exactly how each other feel.”

Last year, a book was released telling the amazing story of a brother and sister who were previously identical twins.

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