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Four regular guys photoshopped to ‘perfection’ – but do they like the results? (VIDEO)

Joe Williams May 19, 2016
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Will the men love or loathe the digitally enhanced versions of themselves?

BuzzFeed recently sent it’s Try Guys to get a digital makeover, in order to test just how effective Photoshop really is.

As part of Body Positive Week, the men were asked to each choose a celebrity with the style and body type that they aspired to.

Keith went for actor, John Krasinski, Zach chose singer and Calvin Klein underwear model, Justin Beiber, Ned picked footballer Cristino Ronaldo, and Eugene opted for Magic Mike star, Channing Tatum.

The popular YouTubers were then asked to recreate a famous image of their chosen celebrity, before letting Photoshop do the rest.

Each of the men were nervous to see the final results, with some worried that they may actually prefer the computerised versions of themselves, with body types they could never hope to achieve.

Ned had his muscles enhanced and body hair removed in order to pull of the Ronaldo look.

Keith got his arms doubled in size and tummy tucked.

Zach saw both his bulge and butt enhanced, hairline altered and upper body pumped.

And Eugene also saw his butt made bigger, with his muscles altered to give him a more defined look.

However, rather than be impressed – or depressed – by their new looks, the men were not all too bothered.

They later commented that “perfection” is not only unrealistic, it is isn’t actually that attractive either.

“I was just struck with a really great epiphany,” Eugene explained.

“I’ve always wanted to look like this, but seeing this now in front of me makes me realise that I’ll always have a problem with my body cause I just thought that my stomach still looks fat.

“It really shows how me being so hypercritical of myself won’t translate into being more self-confident,” he added.

“If you have a problem with how you look, that’s a way deeper issue than just changing your outsides.”

Check out the video below:

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