Watching X rated movies can make you more religious, apparently…

Joe Williams May 17, 2016
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The more porn you watch, the more you prayers you make.

According to a recent study conducted by sociology professor Samuel L. Perry, people who watch a lot of porn might actually become more religious.

Watching X rated movies can make you more religious, apparently…

Perry used the data from the Portraits of American Life Study which collected information on how often a thousand American adults watched porn, attended religious services, and prayed.

Comparing the data over six years – 2006 to 2012 – Perry found that people who watch porn are found to become less religious over time, as he had predicted.

“Because of the guilt and shame often associated with pornography use, especially among devoutly-religious Americans, I expected that using pornography at all would predict lower levels of religiosity over time,” he told Complex.

However, the trend is actually the complete opposite for those who watched the highest amounts of porn.

People who watched porn once a week or more – regardless of age or gender – became steadily more religious over the six years.

According to Perry, it’s likely that these people felt guilty about the porn they’re consuming, and so they turn to religion to feel better about themselves.

“These people may be saying something like, ‘OK, God, I may be disobeying you in this area of my life, but look at all the religious stuff I’m doing over here!’” he explained.

Alternatively, the sociologist suggests that the trend may be due to differing personalities.

“Some personality types tend to be compulsive about religious participation and these same folks may also be compulsive in other areas of their lives like pornography use.”

And for some people, Perry claims – its all just part of their daily routine.

Watching X rated movies can make you more religious, apparently…

“It no longer makes them feel guilty and they just do it daily, like getting dressed or brushing their teeth,” Perry said.

“This allows them to be very religious while using pornography at the highest frequencies.”

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