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These 9 mothers totally rocked at LGBT parenting

Joseph McCormick May 8, 2016

As mothers day is upon us, PinkNews looks at a number of mothers who have been pro at parenting.

From sticking up for their kids choices in toys to taking on homophobic vandals, these mums really are the best.

Whether you have two moms, or just have a mom who is accepting of who you are – don’t forget to wish her well on this holiday.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

9. This mother, who seems genuinely excited that her queer daughter can get married wherever she wants…

8. Mother of bi daughters who silenced anti-gay vandals in colourful style

Erin and Joe Delong did something amazing when bullies vandalised their garage with homophobic nonsense aimed at their bisexual child by turning the garage door into an LGBT pride flag.

7. This mom is seriously INVESTED in her daughter’s love life…

6. This mum who let her kid choose whatever toy he wanted – and didn’t let a judgemental shopper get him down…


5. Or this one, who really just wants to connect with her child

4. The mother who opened up about life with two transgender children to inspire others to be more accepting

Beth McGarrity went through the process of learning to accept an LGBT child twice when both of her kids came out as trans.

But instead of buckling under the pressure or reacting out of fear, she smashed it. At the time she said that she reacted from the gut when her children came out, telling them “I’ll support you no matter what.”

She did admit to feeling a little afraid for her kids, scared that they would experience discrimination, but she can see the funny side.

“I always wanted one of each,” she said. “Now I still do!”

3. This mom who really doesn’t care who you date, as long as they’re cute 😉

2. Inspirational mother who explained the challenges of raising a trans child

Jodie Patterson, a mother of five, released a video explaining why she listened to her son when he told her that wasn’t a girl. She is clearly nailing this whole parenting thing.

In the video Ms Patterson explained “One day I remember pulling Penelope aside… and asked what is really wrong and why are you so upset.

“And Penelope said, ‘Because everyone thinks I’m a girl, and I’m not.’

“And I said, ‘Oh baby it’s fine. However you feel on the inside is great.’ And the two-year-old said, ‘Mama, I don’t feel like a boy. I am a boy.’”

Whilst she admitted that she was overwhelmed at first about raising a transgender child she soon overcame her fears, saying “you get it together really quickly when it’s your kid.”

1. This momma who only cares about things that really matter… GRADES!

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