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Shocking video shows lesbian unable to prove gender being FORCIBLY REMOVED from women’s bathroom

Joseph McCormick April 28, 2016
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A video has resurfaced which shows a lesbian being removed from a bathroom in the US, after she cannot prove that she is female.

The video, uploaded by blogger Tamara McDaniel, shows the woman being forcibly removed from a bathroom by police who ask her for ID.

Despite other women in the bathroom protesting that she is female, and that they cannot remove her from the bathroom, the police aggressively make her leave.

The police continually refer to the woman as “sir”, as another woman, filming the incident, says: “This is a girl and you guys are harassing her because she is a dyke… This is so sad”.

“You got no ID? Get out.” says the officer before grabbing the woman.

The video has resurfaced not long after North Carolina and Mississippi passed laws which restrict the rights of LGBT people, particularly trans folk, from using a bathroom appropriate to their gender identity.

The states have been threatened with boycotts from hundreds of business leaders, and have been criticised for sanctioning discrimination against the LGBT community.

McDaniel writes: ” Is this what “Make America Great Again” means? This makes me very sad and I want no part of this irrational fear.

“I mean, you can’t think of a 1000 ways these laws will be used as an excuse to harass, humiliate, and arrest people?”

Earlier this month, a lesbian teenager in the UK was made to leave a McDonalds, after saying she was asked to prove her gender.

Check out the video below, please be aware it contains disturbing images:

h/t Diva

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