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These 13 stock photos get lesbian sex very, very wrong

Rosie West April 27, 2016
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PinkNews takes a look at some the most worrying stock images of lesbian sex the internet has to offer.

The only thing society loves more than one woman, is two women. Nope, wait. That should be two women having sex. Yes, that seems about right.

Film and porn producers have been obsessed with the concept of two women ‘doing it’, for as long as anyone can remember.

But producers usually get it very wrong. Controversy then ensues and queer women get pissed. If you aren’t familiar with the movie Blue Is the Warmest Color, you should check it out, and the controversy around its seven-minute sex scene.

But apparently it’s not only film and porn that get it terribly wrong, but stock photos as well. Don’t believe me? Check out these classics. Still confused? So are we!

Type in the words ‘lesbian sex’ on some stock image libraries and this is what you’ll find – along with some very interesting descriptions…

1 ‘Two female naked dolls tied with gift red ribbon lying with gift box over white background’

As you do (

2 ‘Two sexy Woman with Boa Constrictor Snake’

Somebody call PETA. Now. (

3 ‘Two girls playing outdoor’

Ready or not, here I… (

4 ‘Two passionate lesbians’

You missed her mouth, love (

5 ‘Love on the beach’

Shouldn’t this be ‘sex on the beach’? (

6 ‘Lesbian women kissing in erotic foreplay game’

The candy store must have ran out… (

7 ‘Two beautiful girls twins’

WHY?!?!? (

8 ‘Cute lesbian with cat’

Because lesbians loves cats – obviously! (

9 ‘Wedding lesbians girl in bridal dress. Indoor.’

What would Martha Stewart say?!?! (

10 ‘Female lovers enjoying erotic act with fresh strawberry’

At least the strawberry is fresh… (

11 ‘Freedom’

We’re pretty sure this is just some enthusiastic yoga (

12 ‘Happy Girls and Windmills’

Taking the term ‘a roll in the hay’ to a whole new level (

13 And our personal favourite – ‘Young stylish ladies with watermelon’

No. Actual. Words (

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