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13 moments every lesbian will experience

Joe Williams April 22, 2016
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“Does anybody have the number for the local U-Haul?”

1. When she picks you up for your second date

2. The danger of discussing your sex life with a straight friend

3. Or when the said friend tells you that lesbian sex ‘isn’t real’

4. When a straight girl thinks you are being nice, but you’re actually flirting with her

5. The excitement of spotting another lesbian out in public

6. Or the awful moment when you realise your latest crush is actually straight

7. Lying there waiting for the magic to happen…

8. …before damaging your wrist because you were a little too eager

9. If a guy tells you he can ‘f**k’ you straight

10. The moment a shocked stranger say ‘they’d never have guessed’ you’re gay

11. When you make yourself ill with worry because the girl you’re dating hasn’t replied…

12. And spend the rest of day dreading becoming THAT crazy cat lady

13 And finally – the moment you realise you need nobody else but her. And your cats, obviously.

(Photos: Instagram/Tumblr)

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