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Two male lions show gay ‘pride’ by mounting each other, ignore lionesses

Joseph McCormick April 16, 2016
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Two male lions have been caught on film in an amazing display of mating by a photographer.

The two male lions appeared to be mating to photographer Nicole Cambré, who saw the act of ‘pride’ in the Kwando Concession in Botswana.

Male lions have been seen ‘mating’ in other sightings

Lionesses nearby were also apparently shunned by the two males.

The lawyer and photographer took the photos, and said that a guide had said the two male lions had been getting close for some days before she witnessed them together.

She said: “I saw those two male lions mating during a safari in the Lagoon area of the Kwando concession in Botswana.

“According to our guide they had only started their behaviour that same week.

“It is the first time I have seen homosexual behaviour in lions. With the light just around sunset, it gave some spectacular images.

“One of the lions was wearing a collar and our guide thought that they may have crossed from Namibia.”

“These males had pushed out the resident males earlier in the year and the other female lions had headed into the Mopani woodlands; an area difficult to access with a safari vehicle,” she added.

“Only one lioness was seen in the center of the concession where the male lions were and the lions showed no interest in the lioness leading to the assumption that she may have been pregnant,” she added. “It is the first time I have seen homosexual behavior in lions, but when reading about it upon my return, it is not that uncommon. With the light just around sunset, it gave some spectacular images.”

Check out Cambré’s photos here.
Despite dozens of studies having found that thousands of species of animals entertain same-sex sexual activity, this ridiculous argument persists.

Same-sex activity is used in the animal kingdom for many reasons, ranging from pleasure-seeking to conflict solving. Many species form bonds for life with their same-sex partner.

Christians who oppose same-sex unions because they’re not in the Bible got red faced recently when a children’s book about the Genesis story of Noah welcoming two of each animal onto his ark accidentally depicted two male lions sneaking in there.

Here is a video, uploaded in 2012, which shows two male lions mating:

Check out a quick video from PinkNews below about some species which have displayed homosexual tendencies:

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