Half of all straight people carry ‘gay gene’, study finds

Joe Williams April 13, 2016
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The study suggests that the gene can be passed on from one generation to the next.

Homosexuality has remained prevalent throughout history due to the presence of a ‘gay gene’ according to a new study.

Half of all straight people carry ‘gay gene’, study finds

Research suggests that the gene is carried by half of all humans and passed from one generation to the next.

The recent experiment – conducted by Giorgi Chaladze at the Ilia State University in Georgia – was designed to explore how genes such a these could be passed on, given that homosexual men are less likely to father children.

The study also took into consideration past findings showing that gay men are more likely to come from larger families.

Researchers believe this is due to the gene increasing the reproductive rate of female relatives.

Chaladze’s team also found that to maintain the stable rate of homosexuality in large populations, “half of the male and female population would need to carry genes affecting sexuality”.

“The trend of female family members of homosexual men to have more offspring can help explain the persistence of homosexuality, if we also consider that those males who have such genes are not always homosexuals,” says Chaladze.

The study is the latest that aims to prove that homosexuality is genetic.

In December, a separate study suggested that people are indeed born homosexual following the genetic analysis of 409 pairs of gay brothers.

Half of all straight people carry ‘gay gene’, study finds

Last October, scientists were believed to have found genetic indicators of whether someone has same or opposite-sex attraction.

The research released in October suggested that genetic code may play a role in determining sexual orientation.

The link was discovered when scientists compared the DNA of 47 sets of male twins.

The pairs included some where the two twins had a different sexual orientation.

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