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Anti-gay activist asks people to please stop making fun of his PayPal donation button amid ‘boycott’

Nick Duffy April 8, 2016

The leader of the Family Research Council has hit out at “lefty trolls” who mocked him over the PayPal button on his site, after he called for a boycott.

The internet payments company this week scrapped a planned HQ expansion to North Carolina after the state’s governor signed a law permitting discrimination against LGBT people – opting to search for a new home in a state where all employees will be protected.

Following the decision, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council declared a boycott, telling supporters: “Good riddance! Anyone with half a brain shouldn’t want that kind of extremism operating out of North Carolina anyway”

But LGBT activists pointed out that if you attempt to donate money to the group through their central payment system, the preferred option is… PayPal.

Mr Perkins was apparently very upset with everyone making fun of him and he went on the radio complain about it and talk about his feelings.

He said: “For those of you on the left who have been trolling today, PayPal will not be on our site for much longer, as we look for another means to which our constituents can easily make contributions to us.

“I personally will be ending my PayPal account too, so those of you who have been foaming at the mouth on the left today… take it easy.

“We’re gon’ be ditching PayPal as PayPal shows their hypocrisy about men demanding the right to walk into girls’ bathrooms.”

He added that conservatives had been “the most consistent supporters of business”, adding: “Now all of a sudden the big business community has been hijacked and I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily involuntarily.

“Maybe it’s Stockholm Syndrome, I don’t know. I wouldn’t say they’re being held hostage by the LGBT community, but they’re certainly being used as puppets.”

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