Tennessee’s new official state book is the most predictable thing ever

Nick Duffy April 5, 2016
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Tennessee lawmakers have voted for a popular supernatural thriller as their new official state book.

The state Senate voted 19-8 in favour of a bill today declaring The Bible as the state book of Tennessee.

The Republican-dominated chamber pushed through the bill despite opposition from secular campaigners, who say it is a clear violation of the separation of church and state.

Some also suggested that it was trivialising the Word of God to have it alongside the official state fruit (tomatoes) official state flower (Irises), official state animal (the racoon) and official state gun (.50-caliber sniper rifle).

The bill now goes to the desk of the state’s Governor Bill Haslam, who may opt to veto the legislation.

The Westboro Baptist Church also reacted predictably to the news:
Tennessee’s new official state book is the most predictable thing ever

A hardware shop in Tennessee recently tried to attract attention by selling ‘no gays allowed’ hats.

Amyx Hardware & Roofing Supplies in Washburn, Tennessee spotted the supposed market niche for hideously homophobic clothing that is also straight-up hideous, only coming in totally-heterosexual khaki.

Store owner Jeff Amyx appears to be trying to make some kind of statement, having failed to garner enough media attention earlier this year when he banned gays from his own store, erecting a ‘no gays allowed’ sign.

As well as the $5 caps, Amyx also sells anti-gay bumper stickers, that say ‘Choose God or gays’. He claims both items are so popular that they’ve already sold out.

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