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Disney has ‘declared war’ on religion by supporting LGBT rights

  • vp

    It’s interesting, isn’t it, how deeply important to these people their bigotry and ability to discriminate is. Stopping them from doing that is apparently “declaring war” on their religion.

    I mean, I’ve never been religious. A stubborn inability to believe antique mythical nonsense as fact sees to that. But if one were to make a case for tolerating religion in our societies then surely one would not start with the premise that bigoted discrimination is so fundamentally central to what religion is?

  • TomSatsuma

    My local starbucks refused to kick out every Christian in my local branch when I asked them to.

    Starbucks, why have you declared war on gay people?

    And when I asked the manager of my local McDonald’s to stop serving men they refused – because they have declared war on women.

    Have to rush off now – I’m going to ask the police to go beat up some innocent black people… unless of course they’ve declared war on white people!

    This logic is dumb

    • Truth

      Excellent examples …!

  • John Klein

    So the church is screaming its being persecuted again ,just because people are standing up to the bigotry and hypocrisy that they seem to hold dear ,going by their own persecution of others they would have learned how to cope themselves by now …as for Disney i would have thought the Christian church would be against a company that promotes magic and fantasy

    • Jim20

      If christian organisations were made to pay tax and fulfill certain obligations to be licensed like preaching love and keeping out of politics and people’s private lives, then they would start actually practising their religion.

    • Truth

      They regard a response in-kind from those they verbally abuse, as persecution! I have no idea what makes them believe they are immune from like-for-like attacks. Religious belief is not – and must never be allowed to be – a licence with which to discriminate and to peddle hatred. They have spent 2,000 years marginalising and discriminating against us. Now that they can’t burn us at the stake anymore, we are free to answer back. And, BOY – do they not like it …!

  • Andy Diamond

    It’s strange because I see that Disney simply is AGAINST discrimination and not necessarily “pro-gay”.

    • Jim20

      I agree, when did Disney become pro-gay activists?

      • Rajani Isa

        Probably when they started doing Gay Days?

        • Patrich Urso

          Gay Days aren’t something they do, they just allow it to happen.

  • M-Ark

    I wish the US Military would declare a “war on religion” then it could actually be put down for good.

    • Michelle Storm

      Actually that would be bad. Everyone that the US Military has gone to war with, gets REBUILT/Funded by the US…

  • darzan

    …is this really what religion has done to us? I’ve arrived at my belief that religion has existed for too long, it has quite amazingly become ingrained and entrenched within most especially the middle east. People can’t accept they have been, or still are deluded. As a species we need to actually shut up and put up because homosexuality is real and a fact of nature and people must stop being being unfairly brutal and unrealistic–which fundamentally what I believe religion consists of…

  • fizbanic

    Oh course they believe there is some war on them, they believe that a magic man in the sky created the world and everything on it in 6 days, they believe that a 600 year old man could build a boat (without any boat building experience) and then travel the world in search of 2 of every animal and put them on that boat.

    Ya I can see they can believe this as well. The world would be a better off place if all religion were eradicated.

    • Steve_R

      You highlight the most glaring contradiction in Religion. Christians believe their god created the world and every thing in it in 6 days. How ever there are so many different religions and “gods” Yet few, if any others make or contest this claim.

      • a (Bi) Child of God

        Creation scripture is a tradition, not science or history. I acknowledge that my God creates through all eternity through evolution, geological forces, and cosmological forces.

        • Shane Egan

          Unless ‘Your God’ is the mindless, unaware universe ruled by the forces of physics then ‘your god’ is just as much imaginary as the christian god. Feelings and assertions without evidence are not convincing , nor is the cosmological argument.

          • a (Bi) Child of God

            I am realizing my use of the phrase “I acknowledge my God…” was a bit problematic because “acknowledge” implies fact, which is not—God can neither be proved or disproved. Probably what I should have said was “I acknowledge evolution, cosmology, and plate tectonics as legitimate fields of study and have a belief God works through these natural, studiable forces.”

            This answer probably didn’t satisfy you either, but thank you for challenging me; I realized I was a bit bold after I wrote it but didn’t rewrite it.

  • RLP

    I fear that this horse has already bolted. Disney doesn’t promote Christianity enough.

    Didn’t Aladdin promote Islam?

    • Johnny Brown

      “Oh I come from a land, from a faraway place where the caravan camels roam. Where they cut off your ear if they don’t like your face; it’s barbaric, but hey, it’s home!” – such strong support.

    • ZSCat

      Actually, many Muslims protested Aladdin on it’s original release, and one of it’s songs had it’s lyrics altered due to the Muslim protests.

  • Popcorn-NoButter

    There is no weapon, no war, no disease that has caused more death, more inhumanity, more injustice than religeon. Religeon is mankind’s worst invention ever.

  • Spartacus Maximus

    “Well, religion has long ago declared war on reason and logic, so we’re even!” -Disney

  • James Leno

    Religions need war to survive. Even when there is no real war against them, they will make one up, just so they can call their followers to arms.

  • CrissCross

    Accusing Disney of declaring war on them, is nothing but a futile attempt to convince the world that the war they have declared on Disney was Disney’s doing.
    They are like the wife beater, who bludgeons the wife and then castigates her by yelling “NOW LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO”.
    So puerile, so pathetic, so deceitful, so childish.
    It is time for the “Christians” to take responsibility for their own actions, to own them and to start being honest about them.

    Their deceitful actions damage nothing but their own religion. They have rendered themselves ineffectual and obsolete.

  • adamweishaupt

    Do They Know that being antimuslim is antifaith, too.

  • They want a “war on religion?” Sounds good to me. Let’s start by having the next POTUS work on removing the special tax statuses enjoyed by these hate groups in the name of their imaginary friends.

  • Cman65

    Freedom= I can do as I want, you do as you are told

  • Starscream

    Good because your ‘faith’ is just as barbaric and discriminatory as Islam. It’s 2016 – stop believing in fairy tales and using them as an excuse to oppress sentient life forms.

    • Paul

      Or just join those of us who are not barbaric and discriminatory. We are not all like that (

      Even in the Muslim faith there are LGBTQ. Not all Muslims hate them either…

      • Starscream

        All faiths are barbaric – the whole concept is draconian and ultimately serves as a method of control and an excuse to violate the physical and mental agency of sentient beings. It is time the species removes itself from such shackles.

        • Paul

          Oh come on… Life was barbaric in caveman days. Humanity moves on. Old is updated with new. Some of the old banished. And old controls are replaced by new controls.

          In the churches I have attended, there is no violation of people that I know of. We are friends, and we care for each other and those who we don’t know too.

          We are also absolutely not anti-LGBTQ. My wedding to another guy included many from my UK church friends (plus all the family and non church going friends of course) – and my church minister.

          Absolutely NOT draconian. I agree there ARE churches living in the past with some strange views on what they need to do. Again, I say, once again: We are not all like that!

          I appreciate we may not agree. That’s ok.

          • Shane Egan

            Arbitrary rules, punishable by an eternity in Hell sounds pretty draconian to me.

          • Paul

            He said “All faiths are barbaric” – That is not true :)


            People should be free to believe or not to believe. If they really want to join one of those extremist religions that’s up to them, but as I said (correctly) they are not all like that and certainly not all barbaric. Even the ones that have crazy anti-LGBTQ beliefs are moving on (per the link above and many other factual evidence such as the Arch Bishop of Canterbury satay enemy and the New York Methodist Conference changes this year). It is time religion moved on, and it is happening.

  • Phil B.

    No, companies like Disney have figuratively declared war on their angry, hate filled brand of religion. As should any compassionate, thoughtful person.

  • Simone Andreassen

    How does not wanting to discriminate against the LGBT community have anything to do with taking away religious rights?
    You can be Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist, even though you’re not allowed to freely discriminate other people!
    Seriously what is wrong with those people??
    If it’s not okay to discriminate against black people of course it shouldn’t be okay to discriminate against the LGBT community! You shouldn’t discriminate AT ALL!!!

  • Paul

    Green light to the usual anti religious posters here!

    Not all Christians are anti LGBTQ. Some of us are Christians AND gay ;)

    • SoWhat

      Shame you support these [email protected] that hate you. Stupid..

      • Paul

        You’re such a nice guy!

        Obviously the fact that they don’t hate me, and the fact that “they” includes “me” are very simple concepts you don’t understand. Shame..

        • Shane Egan

          Christianity is one of the ‘read whatever you want into it’ religions now. You don’t even have to hate the gays anymore even though you must hate the ‘sin’ according to the bible.

          • Paul

            Er no, none of the books in the Bible say what you refer to there (the well know “Love the sinner hate the sin” quote)

            It never said hate the gays either. There is no reference to same sex committed relationships in the Bible. No reference to homosexuality as it did not exist.

            I don’t think it’s a case of read whatever you want into it. It’s always been a case of read and interpret in today’s language. They can’t have their women in church as priests or music directors, hair uncovered and then claim society and science has moved on but biblical standards are unchanged.

            We are, at some point, in agreement. The difference is I believe there is a God and maybe you don’t? And that is fine because it should be about choice and personal conviction.

  • westburke

    The boundless hyperbole of “Christians” on display again.

  • Keith

    Firstly, the words ‘Texas’ and ‘Values’ are an oxymoron. Texas has no values. And there is no value in Texas. Anyone who’s witnessed (who hasn’t) the depravity of American Christians in America can easily see this for what it is – more hate from the (so-called) Christians in the American (often the South) to get more dupes (parishioners) to fill up the collection plate. Nothing gets the dumb to fall into line faster than offering up someone or group of someones to hate). Their fictional Christ wouldn’t condone anything these Evil People do or say. Doesn’t seem to bother them. But then their god is the Collection Plate.

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