This concerned Christian mother is battling the LGBT ‘agenda’ through rap music

Nick Duffy March 23, 2016
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A ‘concerned’ Christian mother has decided to tackle the LGBT “agenda” through rap music.

Alberta mum MH Weibe was scared after her local school district adopted a policy which states trans students should be allowed to use the toilet of their preferred gender.

Trans bathroom policies have angered the Christian hard right across the US and Canada, with organisations even putting out ads depicting men raping little girls in bathrooms. Rape remains a crime even when trans people are protected from discrimination.

However, Weibe is taking a new approach to the issue – challenging LGBT rights through rap music.

The mother decided to do the Lord’s work by posting a video to YouTube, singing: “I am a concerned mother of three, keep male and female washrooms where our children can pee.

“What’s the fuss over transgender washrooms we discuss, is this really really such the issue to focus and put our taxes to?”

Assuming her children aren’t mortified already by their mother’s opinions, they will be when they realise that many of her ‘rhymes’ do not in fact rhyme.

She sings: “No, this is not the issue – to legislate or to peruse.

“This is just a fender bender, all over sex and gender. Can we pick another issue, than to change our bathrooms for a few?”
This concerned Christian mother is battling the LGBT ‘agenda’ through rap music
She continues: “Listen, listen, what I say, the animal kingdom is smarter this way.

“The animals they [indistinct] their offspring keep their gender in the world.

“If we can’t address male and female, we’ve lost our purpose, in life we fail.

“If our children lose their identity, this will be sad for our future you see.”

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