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Gay activists have ‘claimed’ Antarctica in the name of LGBT equality

Nick Duffy March 23, 2016

A group of gay rights activists have attempted to “claim” Antarctica as the world’s first LGBT friendly continent.

Rights activists Planting Peace are renowned for their elaborate PR stunts – from creating a rainbow Pride centre opposite the Westboro Baptist Church and holding mock gay weddings, to erecting giant billboards in the hometown of Kim Davis.

However, the group has attempted to take things to another level this month – by travelling to Antarctica and ‘claiming’ it in the name of LGBT citizens around the world.

The continent is technically protected by international treaties which prohibit any one state from carrying out a land grab, but that didn’t seem to stop the activists hoisting the rainbow flag.

Aaron Jackson, President and founder of Planting Peace, made the long trip to the continent in order to raise the rainbow flag – even introducing it to some of the local indigenous penguin population.

He explained to local media: “I was just watching a documentary on Antarctica and thought, ‘Aw, man, ‘I’d like to visit Antarctica — that would be real interesting. Maybe I should bring a pride flag’.

“It’s not governed by any one country — just international treaties. No government is in charge of Antarctica.

“That would be interesting if we declared it the first gay-friendly continent. The reality is, no one will be able to tell me it’s not.”

The group added: “Let this declaration serve as a catalyst to create the momentum needed to bring LGBT rights to every continent in the world. And let this serve as a signal that the LGBT movement is moving forward to relentlessly battle for LGBT rights.

“Currently, 76 countries are violating the rights of LGBT people, and in six countries you can even be killed for being a sexual minority. Visibility and advocacy for the rights of sexual minorities is desperately needed.”

Click here to see a gallery of photos from the trip

Mr Jackson added: “I travelled to Antarctica to play a role in spreading visibility for the need for basic human rights for the LGBT community.

“It was an honour to carry the pride flag throughout Antarctica, and Planting Peace will not stop fighting for LGBT rights until all sexual minorities experience full, fundamental rights in every corner of the world.”

Check out some photos from the trip:

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